I’m the personal sommelier for your Slack team

Your team will stop whining & start wineing with me, Sir WineBot! Increase team morale with your funny informative digital sommelier. Food, wine, jokes & togetherness all under my fancy hat!

My Poetic History...

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Ask me nicely


Put your words in me and I’ll pull a bottle out of my “hat”. With my bottle info command I will supply expert knowledge of the bottle in question. Pay attention because I also give you delicious recipes. Better find those oven mitts, buddy!

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What could be more perfect than a night in? Let me botsplain it to you! A night in with Sir WineBot! I am a film aficionado indeed. I can recommend wines for each specific movie! How titleating!


There are winners and losers in every competition. Simply pop the cork & give me a spin! I will land on one or more participants in your competition, be it either the dishes or who gets dessert first!

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I will store what you love for later! Merlot, Cabernet, Pinot, all varietals & bottles are welcome! Upon your request I will share your bottle with your team. Just don’t ask me what else is in my cellar.

A team that drinks wine together dreams together.

Get to know who you work with in a friendly setting.

Over a glass of wine, a great recipe, or a fantastic movie.
The world is your Winebot. Drink responsibilities.

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